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The ways a chiropractic billing company in CA will assist you

Chiropractic Billing Company Serving CA

Cardiff Chiropractic Management has been providing successful and effective billing services to chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, and medical providers since 1997.

Serving San Diego County, Los Angeles County, Orange County, and all of California

Not Just Any Other Billing Company

Thanks to our areas of specialty and years of experience, we’ve stood out as a knowledgeable and reputable company with excellent references.


The Solutions We Offer

We will provide everything you need to assist with all of your billing needs. Our goals are to increase your revenue immediately and lower your overhead by significantly reducing your office costs, such as:

  • Staff Training
  • Software Upgrades
  • Specialty Forms
  • EDI Transmission Fees
  • Billing Supplies
  • Postage

We will also:

  • Maximize your reimbursements
  • Expedite the processing of your claims
  • Reduce or omit denied claims
  • Submit medical documentation when requested
  • Create and submit appeals when necessary

Our team is focused on providing you with expertise, professionalism, and great success to meet your needs and expectations. You will have access to our staff billing experts for all of your questions and requests.


We always knew CCM was a good billing service but, never realized how great they were until we tried cutting costs and switched billing services for a brief period. What a mistake that was! We are still trying to clean up that mess. Anyway, as far as customer service goes, CCM is the best. We have never had to deal with any office staff having a bad day, not returning calls, or failing to follow up. The staff is and always has been very pleasant to do business with, and we never feel as though we are bothering them. CCM has been billing us for about 14 years. They collect every possible cent due to the doctor and do so in a timely manner. We feel confident in the service they provide and recommend them highly.

- Kathy Ensign

Office Manager
Raskey Chiropractic
Lake Elsinore, CA

CCM has efficiently handled all of my insurance billing needs for 7 years. Pam Noyes and her staff are very knowledgeable and diligent when it comes to collecting payments on my behalf. I email a list of patients with billing codes, and every week a deposit made by CCM appears in my bank account. It's that easy! I highly recommend their services to any doctor.

- Jason A. Copping, DC

Encinitas, CA

I have been a client of CCM since 1998. They are professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. They will do what it takes to collect every cent owed to you from insurance companies and attorneys.

Dependable, thorough, receptive, communicative and gets the job done is the way I would describe Pam Noyes and her staff.

- Rhonda Lilien, D.C.

Mira Mesa, CA

The best decision I ever made for my practice was choosing Cardiff Chiropractic Management as my billing specialist. The CCM staff is always friendly, answers all my billing questions in a timely manner, keeps me current with any changes with insurance companies, and knows how to bill properly and correctly, causing my claims payments to INCREASE dramatically over a shorter period of time. I highly suggest other chiropractors utilize their services and expertise. I promise you will never have to find another company, as you will be totally satisfied with what they can provide to you and your practice. They are by far the BEST! Thanks, CCM.

- Tiana D. Hejduk, D.C.

Cardiff, CA

I have been in practice in San Diego for 35 years, and have seen all the ups and downs. The most difficult part of practice ownership is staff and billing. Your income is based on your staff's abilities to bill accurately, and completely, and most important is to follow up on each billing. This is the only way that you will be compensated for your abilities, hard work, and years of education. For many years, I did very well, but always had to be on top of everything in the billing department. There is only one of me, and I could only do so much in office management, billing, marketing, as well as treating all the patients. I would have to bring work home to have time to go over the billing. This would eat up all of my "me" time, and take me away from time with my children. Treating patients is my passion, and I find all the other important parts of being in practice, such as billing very distracting from treating and marketing, even though I was doing very well. Now, if I have a staff change, I am not worried about whom to hire, and whether will they be good at billing. At times, it was very costly going through one person after another, until you found who you thought was the right one. Then two to three years later, they have moved on, and you are right back in the same dilemma. If CCM has a staff change, they have several others that are trained, experienced, and fill in the gap. No downtime at all. CCM handles all the electronic billing and expense of the computers. You save postage, paper, equipment, and long-distance telephone calls, and most importantly, you can have one less staff member. With one less you save on payroll, work comp, pension plans, health ins, bonuses, etc., and headaches. I always have CCM make the deposits into my bank, and I have complete trust in this. Pam does all the PI negotiations at the end of the case, and she always settles for a good amount and preserves our relationship with the attorney, because she does it with such professionalism. When I started with CCM, my income actually more than doubled, and I thought we were doing well before. The best part is that I am not taking work home, and it is sooo much less stressful.

- Gale Savage, D.C.

San Diego, CA

For the past 12 years, I have had the pleasure of working with Pam Noyes and the staff at “CCM”. The level of professionalism, attention to detail, and client service have been invaluable to the growth and prosperity of my office.

Without any exaggeration, the all-access at-any-time response from CCM has made me feel as though I am their most important or only client. Knowing this is not the case gives testimonial to the altruistic type of personalities and attitudes of the entire staff.

I honestly feel that without the management guidance and support from CCM, my office would not function at the same level of efficiency, and the day-to-day challenges encountered would be insurmountable.

My respect and appreciation for the services provided are immeasurable.

Thank you!

- Dr. Paul E. Peters

Carlsbad, CA

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